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The alternative in real wood:

It is a reasonable and the most reliable alternative!

30 standard designs can be delivered from stock! (Ask for our catalogue with the sample collection)

Individual colour and design coordination is also possible!

We are able to produce every design you may desire or multi-ply character.

Ideal reconstituted veneer colours for white lacquering.

Fine stripey grain veneer or curved design. Designs with the highest quality up to the near-perfect imitation of cherry, maple and oak.

Less problems in the production process and edge treatment at reasonable prices!

Untreated but with anti-splitting protection.
Untreated but precoated with PVAc-glue.

With backfleece and sanded in 0.29/0.38/0.43 mm.

Available lacquered or stained and lacquered.

Reconstituted veneer offers the ideal solution, especially in the field of extreme shaping of door rebates with round edges or ogee edges. If the colour is set exactly, there will not be any problems when reworking even in the upper corner.
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