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We produce real veneer edges for you in 1 layer in thicknesses up to 0.9 mm in more than 50 wood species or veneer types.

The veneer qualities we use, determine your success!

Inexpensive continuous veneer rolls for straight edges or straight grain veneers of the highest grade for softforming having the character of a front view.

The efficient price is due to the constant qualities and invariable colour, respectively in the exact technical coordination of the edges with your processing and your machines.

Inexpensive anti-splitting protection on the backings
PVAc precoating
Hotmelt precoating
Fleece thin - thick - double
Special laminatings - even D4 - resistant to boiling water

Sanding from 0.30 - 0.48 mm for the best shapings

Highly flexible UV lacquerings, pigmented according to colour sample, even stained according to colour sample and overpaintably primed in coordination with your system.
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