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The Veneer qualities used are responsible for your success!

Low priced veneer rolls for room skirting or specially selected for Kitchen profiles.

Continuous veneer rolls
Veneer rolls with fixed units of measurement
(l.L. - aluminium tape)
Veneers in fixed measurements

The efficiency of the price is due to the quality which is always at the same high level (refer to "FURWA-Furnierwirtschaft", publication HK 4/95).

The thickness of the veneer is very important for the outside radius to avoid splitting or cracking!
(for example sizing sanded to 0.29/0.38/0.43 mm)

The coating on the back of the veneer is very important for extremely small interior radii which have to be formed correctly (for example sperwal fleece P50).

We select the veneer quality exactly to your requirements and make sure the treatment in our factory is suited to your needs and to your system.

D4 resistant to boiling water! With warranty!
This fleece version is used in the automotive industry as well. In the field of profile wrapping, this fleece type offers the best preconditions for aluminium-plastic profiles and also for extreme requirements, not only regarding hygrostability (resistant to boiling water). If required, you are asked to inquiry individually.

Especially in the field of profile wrapping veneers the veneer quality and the necessary technique are the decisive factors for the price quotation: 50% difference in price is no exception.

For detailled inquiries, we kindly ask you to use our Data Acquisition sheet.

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