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Furwa Furnierkanten

Furwa is the oldest manufacturer of veneer edges in continuous rolls world-wide, and produces all customary edge types still today, such as real veneer edges, reconstituted veneer edges, thick veneer edges and profile wrapping veneers, at its plant in Walkertshofen.


From the base of the simple veneer edge, the technically demanding real veneer edge for door rebates in real wood has already been invented very early, which is produced highly-flexible lacquered and colour-set by Furwa in its standard production.

These are also produced with boiling-water resistant fleece backings, which are used in the area of windows and for moulded parts in the field of car interior, such as steering wheels.


Our Products

Furnierkanten oder hochflexible Grundierkanten_Furwa Furnierkanten

Veneer Edges

produced in more than 50 wood species and 8 different qualities

Starkfurnierkanten_Furwa Furnierkanten

Thick Veneer Edging

for curves and radii
sanded surface


Profile Wrapping Veneers

highly-flexible lacquered
with boiling-water resistant fleece laminations

3d Furnier_Furwa Furnierkanten-walkertshofen

3D Veneer

Special applications for the automotive industry and also for the technology of plastic rear injection moulding, such as ski and snowboard

Sonderprodukte-Handtaschen_Furwa Furnierkanten2

Veneer special products

handbags, mousepads, insoles and an organic substitute for plastics


individual Customer Requirements and just in time a challenge that Furwa is happy to face.

Veneer 0,3 - 3mm

Flame Retardant Veneer Edges

Veneer and veneer edges burn like tinder on their own, but not the Limartec star veneer edge from FURWA.


Chronicle Furwa Furnierkanten GmbH and Veneer Edges in Continuous Rolls

Furwa was founded by Mr. Armin Wiblishauser at the beginning of 1974.
Mr. Wiblishauser derived from a family who has been in the woodworking industry for generations. After having studied woodworking technology, he worked in various companies before joining the family's own production for bedroom furniture as technical director. He exactly knew the technical requirements for veneer edges when he developed this product in rolls!


Veneer finishings for 3D deformation

Innovation and individual development or customization of veneer products is FURWA´s strength.


All to often, we already have the complete solution at hand. You are welcome to inquiry the specifics!

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